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Writers' Retreats

“Always wedded to the couch, the back porch, the swing, I want to see the world standing still. My thoughts are movements, my idea, my adventures…. This solitary space is sometimes a place where dreams and visions enter and sometimes a place where nothing happens, Yet it is necessary to active work as water is to growing things.” 

-bell hooks (Art on My Mind)

(The goldfinch is a late nesting migratory bird. It waits for the last of the blooming wildflowers)

Looking Glass Arts understands that some writers come to their craft as very young people, others begin writing as mature adults. For many reasons, including obligations and hardships, it can be challenging to consider writing as a career. The Goldfinch Writers’ Retreat is a fully-funded residency established to support writers who demonstrate a unique commitment to their craft. While writers of all ages are encouraged to apply, those 45+ will be prioritized in the selection process.

This residency is offered to three writers per session who are not yet published by a major outlet. Works can include a novel, collection of short stories, poetry, memoir, graphic novel, play, screenplay, essays or hybrid work. Residencies are self-directed. There is no requirement to share your work. The writers' retreat applications are adjudicated in two rounds, the first being a written application and the second being a conversation over Zoom. ​

Session Schedule

Session I: June 24-28

Session II: July 23-27


Each resident will have their own private bedroom in the farm house. There is a shared bathroom. Three meals a day will be prepared by the resident chef. Dinner is a nightly communal meal. 


Writing Spaces

Each writer will have a writing desk in their bedroom. In addition, there is a choice of additional spaces to write -- the barn, the mudroom, the front porch, backyard or the Milk House. There is high speed fiber optic internet in the farmhouse. The outer studios are offline. 

Each writer in the fully-funded Goldfinch retreat will be offered a $500 honorarium. 
A Note On Submissions

Looking Glass Arts prioritizes applications from the global majority. Additionally, we highly encourage those of all sexual orientations, gender expressions and gender identities to apply. 


​For inquiries and questions, please write to

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