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In our second season, Looking Glass Arts expanded our programming from 2021 to include fully-funded writing retreats, The Goldfinch Writing Retreats. The Summer ‘22 programming was made possible by the financial support of individual donors and CREATE Council on the Arts.


In our third summer we were able to continue to offer all of our programs including four fully-funded recording retreats, two Goldfinch Writing retreats, a multi-disciplinary retreat and the Eastman Project. We also hosted Palaver Strings for their pre-season rehearsal week. The Summer ‘23 programming was made possible by individual donors.



In our inaugural season, Looking Glass Arts designed programming in direct response to the circumstances of the ongoing pandemic. We knew, though venues were shuttered, gigs postponed, and tours were canceled, that musicians continued to collaborate and create in isolation, often doing so without financial compensation for their time and effort. ​

It became clear to us that we could respond to our new reality by creating residencies that would invite artists to record their music, at no cost to them, in an environment we know firsthand to be a literal breath of fresh air. Thanks to the generous support of individual donors, Looking Glass Arts was able to host five of these retreats.  


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