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"Kindness in The Question"
By Maya Keren
Film Produced by Looking Glass Arts

The following video was shot in the barn during Careful in the Sun's recording retreat at Looking Glass Arts in July 2023. The video features Emmanuel Michael on electric guitar, Eden Girma on voice and electronics, Eliza Salem on drums, Maya Keren on piano and voice, and Anna Abondolo on bass. 

"The Holy Presence of Joan D’arc"
By Julius Eastman
Film Produced by Looking Glass Arts

In our inaugural season, LGA partnered with the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA to film Julius Eastman’s “The Holy Presence of Joan d’Arc” (1980) for 10 cellos (under the Musical Direction of Seth Parker Woods) and the Prelude for Solo Baritone (performed by  Davóne Tines). It was filmed and recorded  in the hundred-year-old dairy barn adapted for use as a rustic recording space. The physicality of the composition and its driving call to “speak boldly” is palpable in the film; resonating through the floorboards and out onto the rolling green fields just beyond the barn doors.

Protominimalist, pianist, singer and organizer Julius Eastman made a name for himself in the 1970s representing a new kind of artistic intellectual- one determined to redefine the role of modern creatives, committed to intersectionality and self-liberation.

Featuring: Titilayo Ayangade, Hannah Collins, Melody C. Giron, Michael Haas, Dara Hankins, Christine Lamprea, Tomeka Reid, Nathaniel “Ace” Taylor, Davóne Tines, Seth Parker Woods, Kamyron Williams

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